Sensoptic designs and manufactures precision optical sensors for non-contact detection of defects in fine wires and filaments. To satisfy today's demanding quality control standards, our PROFILE SENSORS are as essential as laser micrometers for diameter measurements.

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Dual-axis profile sensor for enameled wires PSD
2D Wire 
Profile Sensor 2D Fibers 
Profile Sensor

Single-axis profile sensor for fine monofilaments PSM
1D Profile Sensor 1D Profile Sensor

Single-axis profile sensor for wires and filaments PSL
1D Profile Sensor 1D Profile Sensor

Dual-axis profile sensor for wires and filaments PXL
2D Profile Sensor 2D Profile Sensor


  • Non-contact measurement in one or two planes
  • Diameters from 0.01 mm to 4 mm
  • Line speeds up to 2000 m/min
  • Detection of defects with micrometric resolution
  • Compact design for narrow parallel lines
  • Reliable operation even under rough conditions
  • Insensitive to ambient stray and intense light
  • No moving parts, low maintenance, long lifetime
  • Swiss made, 2 year guarantee


Our sensors are based on light intensity shadow measurements and employ LED sources instead of lasers. Since they have no moving parts, they are more reliable, require lower maintenance and have longer lifetime: click DEMONSTRATION

Compared to conventional fault or flaw detectors, our PROFILE SENSORS allow the detection and characterization of smaller defects on wires and filaments running at higher speeds and with superior precision.

To build our sensors compact and robust, we take advantage of Swiss tradition in fine mechanics and micro technology combined with the use of advanced miniaturized optoelectronics components commercially available from modern optical telecommunications systems.


pdf Profile Sensor PSD 100-W Datasheet. 88 Kb

pdf Profile Sensor PSM Datasheet. 90 Kb

pdf Profile Sensor PSL Datasheet. 1046 Kb

pdf Profile Sensor PXL Datasheet. 2595 Kb

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